I had the opportunity to travel to Germany with Utah Valley University School of the Arts. We are working on publishing a beautiful fine art book about the Grimm Brother fairy tales. In a lot of ways, Germany was understated and it allowed us as artists to push outside of our comfort zones and try new things. I’m hoping to submit these to be considered for publication!!

Winter Portraits - David

I’m just about ready for winter to be over… I miss the sun!! It just feels like its warming up when another snowstorm comes along. Most folks don’t choose to have portrait sessions in the winter for fear of red noses, bulky layers, and frozen fingers. However, the winter landscape can provide the perfect nostalgic and simplistic setting. I had such a fun time taking pictures of David in the snow!!

Food Photography - Midici Pizza

I love when new restaurants pop up and they turn out to be amazing. Midici has become one of my new favorite pizza places. Two walls of windows flood the area with natural light, the ovens are within view, and old-time movies play on the back wall. Plus, the food is obviously delicious!! Check it out in Orem next to University Place.

Channeling Irving Penn - Alena + Akarsh

These two are some of my favorite people on the planet!!  We met in Atlanta Georgia and its been a fun journey to where we are now.  They were visiting for the weekend and were kind enough to spend some time with my husband and I.  We dropped by the studio to do some Irving Penn styled couples portraits, and I LOVE how they turned out.  Akarsh keeps the images fresh and real while Alena's unique vogue look keeps the viewer engaged.  

They were so willing to do all the unusual poses and positions I requested of them.  I loved watching them try new things and goof around in between shots.  They would laugh at each other and then suddenly turn stoic for the shot.  Attempting to emulate the great Irving Penn was definitely a challenge and pushed me outside my comfort zone, but I'm happy with how they turned out and I hope you enjoy!!

Utah Fashion Bridal Photography

All of this warm weather has me thinking back to this fantastic shoot we did with Maddy.  It was such a great adventure that included pushing a car out of sand, a flash rainstorm, getting lost, and eating vegan cake at the end.  She was such a trooper to stand still for some large format film shots and hike up large hills of sand.  This confident beauty actually just got married this week, and its so exciting to see her so happy.  Enjoy this fashion bridal shoot!!

Utah Studio Food Photography

I'm loving the time I get to spend in the studio photographing commercial work, product and especially this food photography.  Seeing work come together is exhilarating.  Enjoy!!

Austin + Megan - Natural Light Studio Photography

Austin and Megan were fantastic to work with!!  We set up a session in the gorgeous Hello Audrey Studio in Bountiful with the sunlight pouring in onto their copper wall and handmade decor.  This couple knows how to have fun and try new things.  When we were taking the photos with the cake, they thought it tasted so good that they came to hang out with us after to finish eating the cake!!  Enjoy these glorious photos!!

Cody + Cajin - Utah County Portrait Photography

Cajin and Cody Savage are a power couple.  Like many of us, they have such busy schedules with work, school, and great ambitions that sometimes its hard to set aside time to document their life together.  I'm glad I got to spend some time with in the snow them as the sun came out at the end of the day in Utah County.  They're so comfortable with each other and told such great stories that I found myself laughing with them many times during our session.  Enjoy!!


Fine Art Photography Exhibit

I recently had my first opportunity to organize my own photography show.  I exhibited work that I'd worked months on and it hung for a week in the Boxcar Studios in Provo.  We had a great turn out for opening night and the reception was catered by the Village Baker, which was incredibly good!!  

Seeing my work hanging professionally on the wall in that gallery space was exhilarating.  I showed in the space with some other amazing artists whose pieces had their own depth, beauty, and reflection.  The antique and reclaimed feel of the Boxcar Studio added to unique feeling of each piece.

I was hesitant to do a project as vulnerable as this is.  While I was brainstorming and photographing, I had to open myself up to emotions and discomfort that I usually avoid.  I worked with a variety of individuals who were brave enough to talk with me about their biggest problems, fears, regrets, doubts, and sorrows.  There was both laughter and tears shared during the duration of photographing this project.  

At the gallery, I watched strangers look at my project and reflect some of the same emotions that it took to create it.  Each person that truly studied my project found a piece that embodied things within themselves.  I hope you take the time to explore each of the images and read the statement accompanying it.

Utah County Birth Story

Whitney and Daryl just added a new addition to their family.  They arrived at American Fork Hospital, went through a grueling labor, and then experienced the magical moments of seeing their little girl for the very first time.  Little Wren is a sweetheart and has been curious about the world since taking her first breaths.  She was so alert, and was looking around and focusing on her mommy when she heard her voice.

It's amazing how many details can be forgotten from that priceless moment: her wrinkly feet, her first cry, how she looked at her mommy, how she snuggled daddy, etc.  I was privileged to be present for the whole process and to capture the small details that are so easily forgotten in the whirlwind of the moment.  I am honored to have been able to share in the occasion of Whitney and Daryl adding the roles of mommy and daddy to their lives.

Whitney is one of my best friends and to see her joy and happiness in holding her first baby was an experience I'll never forget.  Being present for a birth is a real, raw, and vulnerable experience for everyone involved.  I'm glad I get to share these beautiful and vulnerable experience with you!!

Jordan + Spencer — Utah County Couple Session

Its rare you find two people as good looking as Jordan and Spencer, who are married.  I could not get over Jordan’s beautiful natural look, and that stunning red hair!!  They’ve been married for only a couple of months, and they looked at each other like it was their wedding day.  That kind of joy and friendship is something I wish for all couples.  

Jordan and Spencer lit up Justin Hackworth’s studio with their charm and they were so great to work with.  In the few minutes we had together, we explored imagery ranging from candid to serious, and this couple rocked it all.  They were so comfortable in that space simply because they had one another to both tease and support.  I’m so glad I got to spend this time with them and I’m excited to show these!!

Kyle + Becky Jo — Central Utah Couple Photography

If you don’t already know about the quaint little towns that dot central Utah, you need to take a road trip and go visit them.  Towns like Salina and Aurora hold some of the most fun-loving and passionate people, like Kyle and Becky Jo!!  I loved photographing this couple because they had so much fun together.

I actually grew up with Kyle, and he was always so kind and thoughtful.  Those qualities have only grown since he met the gorgeous Becky Jo and married her over a year ago.  They keep each other laughing and have created a life full of adventure and service to others.

I’m so grateful they were willing to just be themselves in front of the camera.  I love the emotion and authenticity that comes through in these images!!