Utah County Birth Story

Whitney and Daryl just added a new addition to their family.  They arrived at American Fork Hospital, went through a grueling labor, and then experienced the magical moments of seeing their little girl for the very first time.  Little Wren is a sweetheart and has been curious about the world since taking her first breaths.  She was so alert, and was looking around and focusing on her mommy when she heard her voice.

It's amazing how many details can be forgotten from that priceless moment: her wrinkly feet, her first cry, how she looked at her mommy, how she snuggled daddy, etc.  I was privileged to be present for the whole process and to capture the small details that are so easily forgotten in the whirlwind of the moment.  I am honored to have been able to share in the occasion of Whitney and Daryl adding the roles of mommy and daddy to their lives.

Whitney is one of my best friends and to see her joy and happiness in holding her first baby was an experience I'll never forget.  Being present for a birth is a real, raw, and vulnerable experience for everyone involved.  I'm glad I get to share these beautiful and vulnerable experience with you!!