Fine Art Photography Exhibit

I recently had my first opportunity to organize my own photography show.  I exhibited work that I'd worked months on and it hung for a week in the Boxcar Studios in Provo.  We had a great turn out for opening night and the reception was catered by the Village Baker, which was incredibly good!!  

Seeing my work hanging professionally on the wall in that gallery space was exhilarating.  I showed in the space with some other amazing artists whose pieces had their own depth, beauty, and reflection.  The antique and reclaimed feel of the Boxcar Studio added to unique feeling of each piece.

I was hesitant to do a project as vulnerable as this is.  While I was brainstorming and photographing, I had to open myself up to emotions and discomfort that I usually avoid.  I worked with a variety of individuals who were brave enough to talk with me about their biggest problems, fears, regrets, doubts, and sorrows.  There was both laughter and tears shared during the duration of photographing this project.  

At the gallery, I watched strangers look at my project and reflect some of the same emotions that it took to create it.  Each person that truly studied my project found a piece that embodied things within themselves.  I hope you take the time to explore each of the images and read the statement accompanying it.